Partying Like It’s 1999

Value and Diversification Have Been Forgotten Before

In 1999, stock market traders had their best year ever. The Nasdaq index doubled in value and small investors, institutional investors were chasing performance. The financial media fanned the flames showing the phenomenal returns realized by those who had concentrated their investments into the tech stock and growth stock craze and characterizing value stock investing and bonds as “has been” ideas.

Meanwhile, serious investors weren’t enjoying the party. They were not heavily invested in the growth stock boom since there was no justification to do so if value and income criteria were taken into consideration. In 1999, value investor Warren Buffet’s Continue reading

Will Mortgage and Interest Rates Go Much Higher?

Can interest rates go higherCan interest rates go much higher?

For much of the past year the 30 year mortgage has been at 3.5% an amazingly low level. The ten year Treasury Bond has been also extraordinarily low between 1.5 and 2.0%. This has been not only amazing but necessary. Lately, however rates have risen to 20 month highs. It’s not ridiculous to wonder if interest rates CAN go any higher?

Normally, interest rates are Continue reading

Income In Retirement – 3 Good Reasons NOT to plan for it!

retirement planning

Seriously? Yeah, like when?

How many excuses do you have to NOT plan for your retirement? Do you even know how much income in retirement you will actually need? Have you ever sat down and crafted a plan to determine the kind of life you’d like to lead, not the kind of life you have to lead – based on the long term needs for cash?

We all have our excuses; and it usually comes down to fear of the unknown. Then people worry that it’s Continue reading

Retirement Planning: Can Social Security Pay You More?

Retirement PlanningRetirement planning is about saving, investing and planning but who gives Social Security much thought? Well, it is there, isn’t it?  Yet how do you decide when is the best time to start taking benefits? Does everybody understand what they need to know about taking into account the benefit of a spouse or former spouse? Is it better to Continue reading

Graduates Change Their Parents’ Financial Priorities

Financial Priorities ChangeHot May weather often accompanies graduation day. As well turned out families and cap and gown clad graduates sit in the hot sun or crowded auditoriums waiting to receive their diplomas, they can ponder their achievements and what might lie ahead?

Parents fanning themselves in the crowd are thinking Continue reading

April 2013 Podcast

This April, we talked of the economy, Quantitative Easing, and how 2 gentlemen’s stories impressive and inspiring – George Soros and Warren Buffet - inspired me to head into the Stock Market business in the first place. To be known as ‘The Man Who Broke The Bank Of England’ was obviously not a good thing, but just the fact that he was able to do it! And, of course, Warren Buffett is one of the greatest financial investors of our times.

George Soros

Warren Buffett

Is The Recession REALLY Over?

The Recession As Described by Peter W QuigleyHow many times have you heard journalists Saying: “The Recession is Over?” But Why Do We Still Wonder? 

There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics. Statistically the recession ended almost three years ago in June of 2009. After almost three years of improvement, why is this question even taken seriously? Is it because for many Americans the recession hasn’t ended?

Certainly the economy is Continue reading

The What, Why’s and How’s of the Stock Market

The Stock MarketOr, perhaps more specifically, “The Stock Market: How the heck it works!”

The stock market can often-times be a confusing point of financial disconnect because we don’t understand the theory or what’s behind the actions.

For some people, investing in stocks makes sense, much like Continue reading

The Process of Knowing How to Work Together is a Team Effort

Risk and ReturnOften after a bad period in the stock market I hear from him. He has been my client for years and we know each other well. We have learned how to work together:  I know that when a bear market is stressing investors, I will hear from him. He calls to hear what I think, to express his worries and to be reassured. The end of the conversation ends with an agreement to carry on and he feels better. He has never sold during a sell-off.

The working relationship I have with this gentleman has Continue reading

Asset Management Lessons from the Financial Crisis

dollar's flow in black holeIt has been said that during the bear market of 2008-2009, about a third of 401k owners sold their portfolios out of the stock market near the bottom. I have heard more than a couple of stories about people who actually did that, so it seems more likely true than not. Most of the people I heard of who did this were retired or very near retirement so the resulting losses were very damaging to their financial well-being.

How did this happen? What could they Continue reading